Independence Cup Taekwondo Championship

Ramagya Sports Academy, Noida participated in the 70th Independence Cup Taekwondo Championship held at Noida Stadium on 12th August 2017. The nine-member Taekwondo team was mentored by their coach Mr. Rajeev.

All the nine members of the team won an individual medal.  Ramagya Sports Academy won a rich haul of medals comprising of 2 Gold; 4 Silver and 3 Bronze. Mr. Rajeev was adjudged the Best Coach of the Tournament for the stupendous success of all students under his tutelage as each team member won an individual medal. The 2 Gold medals were won by Daksh Chauhan of 4 A in Lightweight Category & Kushagra Sharma of 8A in Heavyweight Category. The 4 Silver medal winners are- Rudraksha Singh of 4C (Middleweight Category); Ayush Rajput of 5 A (Lightweight Category); Aditya Thapliyal of 6A (Middleweight Category) & Aarush Singh of 5 D (Middleweight Category). The Bronze medals were won by Aahan Jha of 5 A(Light Middleweight Category);  Lovesh  Yadav of 6A (Middleweight Category)  & Vaibhav Sharma  of 4C (Lightweight  Category)

Ramagya Sports Academy is proud of its Young Achievers and their coach Mr. Rajeev for bringing glory to the School.

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