“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance” – Oprah Winfrey

Best Zumba Classes In Noida

Zumba, as the name suggests, grooves on the uptight beats and flexes all the body muscles with full enjoyment and zeal. Ramagya Sports Academy Zumba classes feature high- and low-intensity intervals that help improve cardiovascular fitness while also enhancing balance, coordination, agility, and to some degree, strength through the application of beginner-accessible choreography.

Ramagya Sports Academy offers the best Zumba classes in Noida, where there is no judgment whatsoever your moves look like. You don’t need dancing skills to take a go at Zumba. Your dance moves will automatically tune with the rhythms and high energy around you.

People at times feel uncomfortable joining Zumba because they think it needs a good dance and rhythm balance. But the case is just the opposite! Even if you are a non-dancer and want to tone your body without getting into core exercise, then Zumba is the best option. Not a dance, but a dance workout!

You can find plenty of Zumba classes in Noida, but Ramagya Sports Academy offers classes in collaboration with Trikaal. The fun-filled workout sessions are indeed a great way to have fun while getting in shape. They start with slow-intensity songs to warm up the body, followed by a high-intensity workout session, and ending with a cool-tone song to give you a refreshed feeling.

A 60-minute Zumba class burns an average of 369 calories per session. Well, if not this, what then? It’s more than Cardio and kickboxing when compared. Zumba helps in a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility. Ramagya Sports Academy is said to be one of the best Zumba classes in Noida because here, with the help of music and rhythm, we can focus on the main elements of our body that need extensive focus.

Areas that are targetted while practicing Zumba are:

Core: Zumba sessions pay a great emphasis on the hip and mid-core sections to strengthen the core of our body.

Arms: A little emphasis on arms is paid while it includes arm movement, helping it to tone down a bit.

Legs: Zumba focuses majorly on the legs as the choreographed movements involve a lot of leg movements like jumps and lunges concentrating on the quads and hamstrings.

Glute: The high-intensity movements burn your body as you are in the process of shedding weight.

Ramagya Sports Academy provides the best Zumba classes in Noida, as it is a cardio group fitness class exercise that is great, and dance into your life helps you boost your confidence and body flexibility.

A full-body workout in 60 min session!

  • Multiple muscles in your body are engaged at the same time.
  • Tones the full body with the dance movements.
  • Footwork works your leg muscles.
  • Arm movements tone your arm muscles.
  • Squats tighten your glute and core muscles.
  • Contributes to weight loss, core strength maintained body & healthy lifestyle.

Zumba improves your coordination!

  • Lungs get more breathing space in coordination with your body.
  • Muscle movements in coordination with rhythms.
  • Prevents injuries during a workout and maintains coordination and balance as you age.
  • Your brain aligns with the rhythm and helps your muscles move in sync.
  • Helpful as you age because the muscles begin to weaken as you grow old.

Boost your metabolism!

  • Helps in digestion, as Zumba involves movements that aid in the process.
  • With Zumba, you exert a high amount of energy while burning calories and activating your metabolism.
  • Increases heart rate, allowing the heart to pump more efficiently and circulate blood evenly.
  • Impacts your cardiovascular system

Burns calories in a fun way!

  • A great workout if you want to burn calories and lose weight.
  • Boost energy by aggressively investing your energy into moves to maintain that perfect rhythm.
  • Enhances physical fitness level.
  • Help you reach your weight loss goals with a healthy diet.

You can learn how to dance!

  • You don’t need to be a master at the dance to practice Zumba, you automatically become one.
  • While working on learning steps, help you boost focus and alignment with your body.
  • Learning dance while practicing Zumba is the best fitness goal.
  • Helps in improving your coordination.

Frequently Asked Question

1Can anyone join Zumba?

Yes. If you do not know how to dance or are a mid-age, then you can join Zumba, as it is a full-body dance workout. It focuses on your body movement while burning your fat. 

2Does Ramagya Sports Academy Offers Zumba Classes?

Yes. Ramagya Sports Academy has collaborated with Mee Studios, a celebrity fitness coach that provides the best Zumba Classes in Noida. 

3Is there any equipment required for Zumba?

No. All you need is your sneakers and sweatpants to start your Zumba session.

4Can a person with diabetes join Zumba classes?

Zumba is great for people who have diabetes issues. Ramagya Sports Academy provides the best Zumba classes that will help you cut down fat and increase energy levels in your body. 

5Is Zumba good for heart patients?

Yes. Zumba helps reduce blood pressure and balances cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. 



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