Run and Play Program

Global shreds of evidence showcase that sports have the potential to increase concentration, develop team spirit, increase school attendance, improve health and build skills that promote economic and social development.
RAP program by Ramagya Sports Academy outlines sports experience which includes age-appropriate play, promotion of positive self-talk through weekly sessions in RAP and increasing participation level in sports.
The RAP program by Ramagya Sports Academy aims to bridge the gap between aspirations and realization of sports by providing best of the facilities in the field of sports. The program ensures the best sports training and enhancing the performance of the students. Ramagya Sports Academy’s RAP also attempts to teach the importance of character and personality building through sports.
More than 29,565 students have been impacted through this program. The program has been designed to promote state and national level training to the destitute children and ensuring that they showcase their talent in sports at all possible levels.

Training Of The Trainers

Ramagya Sports Academy has provided an environment for all fitness lovers which can expedite the holistic development of fitness trainers and trainees. Keeping up with its inclination to elevate the efficiency of trainers at academy. Ramagya Sports Academy organized a Training of Program for Fitness of trainers in collaboration with SPEFL-SC (Sports, Physical Education Fitness and Leisure Skills Council), and National Skill Development Corporation (Government of India-Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship). The training program is conducted quarterly in which trainers and master trainers from PAN India are invited to attend the training. The trainers are trained on the various aspects of physical fitness and nutrition required to support it. Four factors contribute to well being of a human being: mental, emotional, social and physical. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also been very vocal about providing such training programs. Each training program works to influence performance in sport, exercise, and physical activity.