“Tennis is a mental game, everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands”-Novak Djokovic

Lawn Tennis Academy in Noida

Tennis or lawn tennis is an exciting sport that is loved by people all over the world. A game that combines strategy, focus, and agility and gives every individual a spark of enthusiasm. Ramagya Sports Academy offers 2 courts to give your game a boost. 

Here, you can develop your tennis skills, practice your game or even book the court under Pay and Play and have a match with your friends. Ramagya Sports Academy offers the best Lawn Tennis court with top-notch facilities and expert guidance to help every individual excel in the game. We cater to players of all levels by guiding them from beginner level to advanced level. Enhance your techniques, learn the basics, and aim to score in one place only.  

If you are searching for a Lawn Tennis academy in Noida, then look no further! Have access to world-class tennis facilities with well-maintained courts and the latest equipment. The courts at Ramagya Sports Academy provide players with an ideal surface to practice and compete. A professional environment with specialized training facilities is designed to improve your game in various aspects including footwork, techniques, strategies, and agility. 

Our highly skilled and experienced tennis professionals have a deep understanding of the game. Every coach works closely with the individuals to prove the best guidance and instruction to reach their highest potential. At Ramagya Sports Academy we focus on refining strokes, developing strong fundamentals, and enhancing strategies. Players can develop the necessary skills to excel in both single and double games with the help of our coach’s expertise and support. At our lawn tennis academy in Noida, we believe that court training is important, but along with that a complete emphasis on physical conditioning and fitness is also important. An individual needs speed, strength, and endurance to enhance their game.

At Ramagya Sports Academy, we focus on every aspect of the individual by helping them become the best. With our uniquely designed curriculum for players, we help them build stamina, prevent injury and enhance stamina. We organize tournaments and competitions regularly to provide players with opportunities to showcase their talent and skills while gaining valuable match experience. At Ramagya Sports Academy, we believe that regular tournaments and matches help foster a competitive spirit in players while making them mentally tough and performance ready even under a hail of pressure. Regular tournaments allow members to interact with fellow players who boost their enthusiasm, build confidence and help them work on their weaknesses. 

Our lawn tennis academy in Noida is not only dedicated to training and developing, but it also emphasizes the overall well-being of the players.  We believe that promoting a supportive and positive environment that fosters a love for the game. Instilling important values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline is important when it comes to becoming a good player. The development of such skills aims to nurture the athletic and personal growth of every player while ensuring that they become all-rounders. 

Some health benefits of practicing lawn tennis:

  • Keeps control of resting heart rate
  • Helps to improve metabolic function
  • Increases bone density in individuals
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Increase flexibility and tones muscle

Some mental health benefits of practicing lawn tennis:

  • Helps develop problem-solving skills
  • Enhances mental resilience
  • Helps socialize 
  • Develop a sense of accomplishment
  • Improves self-control and focus

Some rules for practicing lawn tennis:


  • The ball must land within the boundaries, or else the player loses a point
  • The net cannot be touched or crossed by the players
  • No player is allowed to hit the ball twice
  • The served ball must tip before reaching to receiver 
  • A penalty is given if the racquet leaves the hand or verbal abuse happens

Lawn tennis at Ramagya Sports Academy:

  • Offering 2 well-maintained courts
  • Trained coaches to guide every individual
  • Regular tournaments to boost confidence
  • A safe and friendly environment
  • Well-equipped courts with nurturing 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1Can anyone join Lawn Tennis?

Yes. Lawn Tennis is a game that anyone can join. If you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will get all the opportunities to learn.

2Does Ramagya Sports Academy offers Lawn Tennis training?

Yes. Ramagya Sports Academy has trained coaches that guide every player to become the best. They offer world-class facilities to make you acquainted with the game and also help nurture you at all levels.

3What is the best age to join Lawn Tennis?

There is no specific age when you should join learning Lawn Tennis. It is a matter of interest. If you are interested in this game, then you should enroll for the same.

4Does Ramagya Sports Academy provides a safe environment to learn lawn tennis?

Yes. Ramagya Sports Academy is one of the best sports academies in Noida, that not only caters to Lawn tennis but also has various sports that one can join.

5Does Lawn Tennis helps in weight loss?

Yes. Lawn tennis is a game that functions on your core strength.


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