“Shooting is very challenging because 10 metre air rifle you have different rules, the short gun you have different rules.” – Gagan Narang

Shooting Academy in Noida

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Looking for a shooting academy in Noida? Look no further than Ramagya Sports Academy! A place to learn and enhance your shooting experience. Our exclusive state-of-art infrastructure is dedicated to nurturing the talents of aspiring shooters in the nation by providing them with the perfect environment to upskill themselves. 

Target shooting is not only a brilliant sport for keeping you active, it also builds self-esteem, and confidence, and is an excellent way to spend your downtime as well as develop lasting friendships. But if this isn’t enough, it is also proven to have measurable health benefits – both physical and mental. We are committed to transforming passionate individuals with our rich history of producing national and international champions. 

Ramagya Sports Academy in collaboration with Shooting Academy provides the best and safe indoor shooting experience to the budding shooters in Noida. If you think you are too old or too young to start, then you are wrong because there is no specific age limit for this sport which is a big advantage. Here, we offer optimal training with the best shooting range in the whole region.

The shooting range at Ramagya is equipped with the latest technology and equipment including an advanced scoring system, electronic targets, and a dedicated shooting range ensuring a precise and accurate shot. The shooting experience here is dedicated to all age levels of expertise, giving you an opportunity to challenge yourself and enjoy your shooting journey. 

Our coaches and trainers are highly skilled and certified in giving you the best shooting experience. They adhere to a deep understanding of techniques, mental fortitude, strategies and balance to aid every individual best experience. Every shooter is given individual attention and guidance to help them overcome their lack of experience and works extensively on improving their shooting skills. We believe in providing our best assistance to every individual to empower them to achieve their goals and stand out in the world of shooting. 

At Ramagya Sports Academy, we not only focus on just skilling you but also on the physical and mental being of our shooters. Our coach works extensively on building shooters’ endurance, agility, and strength, which gives them a competitive edge to excel in the sport. We have included sports psychology sessions for our members to help develop mental resilience, confidence, and concentration, helping them perform their best in matches and under pressure. 

We believe that instilling confidence, teamwork, training, and respect helps shooters in their personal as well as sports life creating lifelong friendships and companionships. The safe and lively environment enables shooters to excel in their sport without any distractions by nurturing and inspiring them in the best possible way. 

If you are someone with a dream of representing our nation on the global platform or simply want to enjoy the shooting experience, Ramagya Sports Academy’s shooting academy in Noida is the one-stop solution for your shooting journey. Experience the thrill of shooting the correct target with precision with us. Come join us now to unleash your true shooting potential. 

Shooting is beneficial for our Physical Health:

  • Helps in strengthening the core while you practice proper posture
  • Enhances arm strength as it requires sturdiness 
  • Helps to maintain vision, as it requires perfect sight to shoot
  • Boost confidence by giving you the assurance of handling a weapon
  • Builds overall strength of the body to align together and work in force

Shooting is beneficial for our Mental Health:

  • Improves coordination, as shooting requires a great balance of hand and eyes
  • Helps in improving mental alertness
  • Shooting can help in relieving pent-up stress
  • Improves focus and concentration

Tips to safely handle a gun

  • Learn how to operate the gun properly
  • Consider the gun loaded always
  • Keep the gun at the required target only
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready
  • Store your gun in a safe place to prevent any unauthorized use

Shooting academy at Ramagya Sports Academy

  • Collaborated with the best shooting academy ShootX
  • Best shooting range in the city
  • Trained professional to guide you at all levels
  • Sports Psychologist to ensure your mental & physical wellbeing
  • The advanced scoring system, electronic targets, and a dedicated shooting range

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can anyone learn to shoot?

Yes. Any individual of any age or level can learn how to shoot.

2Does Ramagya Sports Academy have a Shooting range?

Yes. Ramagya Sports Academy offers the best shooting range along with an advanced scoring system and electronic targets to give the best experience to a shooter.

3Where can I learn shooting in Noida?

Ramagya Sports Academy has the best shooting academy in Noida, offering the best infrastructure and equipment to provide every shooter with the best experience.

4Can I get a gun license in India?

Yes. One can get a gun license from the district superintendent of police or apply online for the same. After the verification, you can get a licensed gun in your name.

5How many guns can I buy in India?

According to the Arms Act, an individual can issue a maximum of two firearms on one license.




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